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How to Decorate Plant Pots With Polymer Clay?

If you’re tired of plain old plastic plant pots, try decorating them with polymer clay. These crafts are fun and easy to do, but you might be wondering how to get started. Read on for some tips and tricks. You’ll soon discover that decorating your plant pots can be a lot of fun! Here are some techniques and materials to get you started:


If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate plant pots, consider making your own pots. Polymer clay can be used for planters, flower pots, or even sculptures. You don’t need a pot mold to make one, and the results can be beautiful. You can even use your oven-bake clay to make your own pots! To learn more about how to decorate pots with polymer clay, read on to discover some of the best techniques.

A simple way to make a stunning pot is to create a mermaid box. This is a great project for beginners because there’s no real style, and the results are absolutely beautiful! For a more whimsical look, you can also try making a clay unicorn charm. This little clay figurine is fun to make and gives your pots an enchanting look. Once you have created your pot, you can decorate it in whatever style you like.


Using polymer clay for decorations on plant pots is a great way to make them look great! You can make beautiful, decorative planters that are not only beautiful but also super easy! This article will go over the various techniques that you can use on plant pots. Continue reading for tips on how to decorate pots with polymer clay. And remember – it is never too late to start making your own plant pots!

One of the most popular themes to decorate with clay is sea-beach sand. This theme combines colored pebbles and shells and is a popular choice for plant pots. The elements are fixed to the pots using glue type “Moment.” Some shell-pebble companies offer additional embellishment materials like cups, saucers, and sand fragments. The possibilities are endless!


If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your plant pots, polymer clay is a great option. You can decorate plant pots with polymer clay, but it’s not necessary to have a pottery wheel or kiln to make them. You can also use oven-bake clay to create pots. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Before you start decorating your pots, you’ll want to prepare your plants. Succulents are very hardy and only need a small amount of water once a week. You can also use plastic or aluminum foil to make a half dome shape or clay pot base. Then, you can use a round-ended tool to create textured areas on the polymer clay. Afterwards, you can add a base or a wall to the pot.


A fun and inexpensive way to decorate plant pots is to make your own. Polymer clay is water-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about them being damaged by wet soil. For smaller plant pots, it’s fine to use this material, as long as the bottom of the pot is deep enough to drain water properly. You’ll need to purchase thicker clay pots for larger plants, as they cost more to make than thinner ones. However, for larger pots, you may want to look at other materials, including ceramic.

One disadvantage of polymer clay pots is their fragility. Even if they are waterproof, they can still leak. The way to prevent this is to carefully follow manufacturer instructions. This will reduce the risk of cracking or leakage, which are both common problems with polymer clay. Lastly, clay pots tend to dry out easily, which can be a problem if your plants require lots of moisture, such as orchids.

Getting started

If you are interested in using polymer clay to decorate plant pots, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. One important tip is to always clean your hands and work surfaces thoroughly after using polymer clay. Some artists even use a binder clip to clamp the plastic pan shut so that the heating element cannot “toast” the clay. In addition, you should keep “garbage” clay on hand so that you can scoop up any dirt that may get on the clay.

After you have cleaned the container, it’s time to make the succulent. Succulents are great plants to use because they can handle a bit of moisture and don’t require much water. For a more dramatic effect, roll small balls of clay into a sausage shape and place on the plant pot. Once the clay is dry, you can use the round end of a hammer to make them look more realistic or more like a plant.

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